Hybrid Dual Fuel Heating Solutions In Long Island

SaveSave money from heating bills and reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home on Long Island with a hybrid heating system from NH Ross. We are expert providers of the latest hybrid dual fuel heating systems across Suffolk and Nassau counties, and our helpful and friendly services have been trusted by thousands of local residents for over 40 years. You can read testimonials from customers in your local area here and how we can guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% service-level guarantee here.

1. New Hybrid Installation Savings

EstimatesYou can save money with a new hybrid heating installation from NH Ross Heating, from our discounts and promotions, to free estimates, utility rebates and potential savings on your utility bills.

2. Energy Efficiency Savings

Hybrid heating systems work on much the same dual fuel principles as many hybrid cars and offer big savings on energy usage and utility bills for Long Island residents. When the winter weather arrives the system uses conventional furnace heating, but during milder weather the system automatically switches to a highly-efficient heat pump which uses air heated by the sun to heat your home.

3. Heating and Cooling

TrustedNH Ross' new hybrid heating systems can help remove the need to have two separate systems for heating and cooling. Hybrid heating can use reverse-cycle heat-pump technology to also provide cooling, so you can enjoy the efficiency gains and savings of a hybrid system all year round.

4. The Best Models

With NH Ross you have the choice of a wide selection of the best hybrid models available today. We can help with expert advice on each systems unique features and efficiency ratings to ensure your new system will be perfect for your specific requirements and budget.

5. The Best Features

We can expertly install the hybrid systems with the best features such as quieter operation, environmentally sustainable components and durable cabinets which are “cool-to-the-touch” to protect younger family members. We can also assist with upgrades such as digital thermostats, home zoning and air quality improvements.

6. Professional Installations

We hire the most qualified technicians and ensure they receive on-going training so they can always provide a professional installation of your new hybrid heating system.

7. The Best Warranties

We can show you the systems with the best manufacturers' warranties and all NH Ross Heating workmanship is backed by a written warranty too.

8. Financing Options

You could be enjoying your new hybrid heating system with financing options available for approved customers.

9. First-Class Service Guaranteed

Enjoy the best in customer service satisfaction with the NH Ross Heating customer service level guarantee.

10. Free Estimates

We can provide you with a free estimate on all new hybrid heating system installations.

For all your hybrid heating system installations, repairs and maintenance need in Suffolk and Nassau County, or to schedule a free estimate, call and speak with the hybrid heating experts at NH Ross today.

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