Energy-Efficient Heating Savings: Save On Your Utility Bills

EfficiencyIn these times of rising utility prices and energy conservationism, increasing our energy efficiency at home on Long Island makes perfect sense. NH Ross can help by performing an energy audit of your current usage and show you real savings you could make through technological advancements and servicing. Read delighted testimonials from customers in your neighborhood here and about our 100% service level guarantee here.

Discover how you could start saving with NH Ross today:

1. Greater Efficiency

TechThe latest heating systems have an AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of as much as 97%, so they are much more efficient than the best brands on the market from only 10 years ago . The AFUE measures how much of the raw fuel is being converted to heat by your system so the higher the rating the more efficient the system.  And with a more efficient system, the savings you make could have the system paying for itself in no time at all.

2. Hybrid Dual Fuel Savings

Hybrid dual fuel heating systems work with a similar principle as many dual fuel hybrid cars, and can offer tremendous savings for your home. Hybrid systems automatically choose from two sources of energy and select the most efficient. When Long Island's cold winter arrives it will select natural gas and use conventional furnace heating. However, during our milder periods it will use an electric heat-pump which utilizes air naturally-heated by the sun to heat your home.

3. Professional Installations

To ensure your heating system operates at maximum efficiency the EPA recommends a professional installation. NH Ross employ only the most qualified technicians and provide on-going training to ensure we always provide the perfect installation for your new hybrid system.

4. The Ideal System

We'll ensure your new heating system is perfect for your home, and provide an ideal placement and a professional installation so you can always enjoy the very best performance.

5. Tune-Up Savings

A well-maintained heating system will perform much better than one that is poorly maintained. In fact, you could save up to 25% on running costs compared to non-maintained systems by scheduling regular tune-ups for your heating system with NH Ross. Our regular tune-ups also check for potential problems, helping to avoid expensive breakdowns,  and ensure your heating system operates reliably and safely through the winter.

6. Digital Programmable Thermostats

The EPA recommends digital thermostats as an easy solution to improving energy efficiency. This technology allows you to program heating or cooling systems to operate only during the times you really need them.  You can read more on our digital programmable thermostats page here.

7. All-Of-Home Zoning

By only heating or cooling the occupied areas of your house you could significantly reduce your energy consumption and enjoy big savings from monthly utility bills.  Read more here.

To discuss how you can make real energy and cost savings for your home or business on Long Island, call and speak with the energy efficiency experts at NH Ross today.

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