Whole House Humidity Control For Your Long Island Home

Humidity“Whole house” humidity systems allow you to take complete control of your home's humidity on Long Island, helping increase comfort levels and protecting your family's health and home. NH Ross Heating provides a professional range of humidity solutions which include humidifiers, dehumidifiers and humidity upgrades for your current heating or cooling system. We have been trusted by thousands of homes and businesses over the last 40 years and you can read testimonials from happy customers in your local area here.

1. Improved Home Comfort

Extended levels of high or low humidity can be detrimental to your family's well-being and home. Periods of low humidity can exacerbate sore throats, colds and cause cracks in your floorboards, walls and ceilings. High humidity allows airborne particles such as mold and mildew to spread through your home easier. NH Ross provides humidity solutions that will maintain the perfect level of humidity all year-round.

2. Utility Bill Savings

Some areas of your home like basements, lofts, kitchens and laundry rooms will have varying levels of humidity and cause your heating and cooling systems to use more energy to reach desired temperatures. Having humidifiers and dehumidifiers in these areas will solve this problem and ensure a consistent level of humidity across your home and lower utility bills.

3. All-Of-Home Humidity Solutions

NH Ross Heating can offer you all-of-home humidity solutions that ensure perfect levels of humidity for your Long Island home. We can install wall-mounted controls and provide remote controls to enable you to take greater control of humidity wherever you are in your home.

4. Remove Problem Areas

Everybody knows that heat rises but few know that the humidity stored in your loft affects how warm the rest of your home feels. High humidity in areas like lofts and basements can also become the perfect breeding ground for pests, mold and mildew. A humidity solution from NH Ross Heating will ensure the perfect level of humidity for these problem areas, improving air quality and comfort levels for your entire home.

5. The Best Models

We can install all brands and all models of humidity systems available and provide expert advice on each model's unique features like ease of operation and efficiency ratings that can help you select a humidity control solution which will be perfect for your home's requirement and budget.

6.  Fast Installation

You could be enjoying greater control over the humidity needs of your home with a fast expert installation from NH Ross Heating.

7. 100% Service-level

We have over 40 years experience of delighting thousands of homes and businesses in your local neighborhood with our customer service level.

8. Up-Front Pricing

NH Ross always provide a full “Per Job” and not “Per Hour” quotation in advance of work commencing, so you'll always be able to make a fully informed decision.

To take greater control of your home's humidity in the Suffolk and Nassau County areas, call and speak with the humidity control experts at NH Ross Heating today.

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