Same Day Duct Cleaning On Long Island

CleaningFor a fast, same day duct cleaning service in your Suffolk or Nassau County home, you can rely on the professional and reliable services provided by NH Ross Heating. We have been trusted in thousands of homes and businesses over the last 40 years on Long Island and you can read feedback from previously delighted customers in your local area here.

1. Duct Cleaning Experts

TrustedNH Ross Heating delivers an expert duct cleaning service that goes above and beyond the “Air Only” services that are available. Our professional service brushes and cleans your duct work ensures all debris and harmful airborne particles are removed and will disinfect the duct work with a hypo-allergenic solution which won't leave a lingering, chemical smell.

2. Improve Air-Quality

CleaningHaving poor indoor air-quality has been identified by the EPA as being a hazard to public health. With NH Ross Heatings' duct cleaning service harmful airborne particles like pollen, mold, mildew and dust-mite feces are mitigated, and prevented from spreading around your home or workplace, helping to improve your indoor air-quality.

3. Vent Cleaning

NH Ross Heating also provides vent cleaning and ensures that lint particles are removed from dryer vents and no pockets of warm air exist in any of your vents, significantly reducing the risk of fire.

4. Trusted for 40 Years

Our helpful and friendly service has been appreciated by thousands of homes and businesses in the Suffolk and Nassau County areas for more than 40 years.

5. Helpful and Friendly

All of the team at NH Ross Heating enjoy helping our customers and answering any questions they may have about our expert duct cleaning services.

6. Professional Service Technicians

NH Ross has a policy of hiring the best technicians possible and providing them with regular training to keep them at the top of their profession. All of our staff pass stringent background checks and are polite, clean-cut professionals.

7. 100% Service-level Guarantee

Enjoy the best in customer service - satisfaction guaranteed.

8. Clear, Up-Front Prices

We quote “Per Job” and not “Per Labor Hour” so you'll be provided with a full price in advance of work commencing.

For all your duct cleaning needs for your home or business in the Suffolk and Nassau County area, call and speak with the duct cleaning experts at NH Ross Heating today.

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